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The Best Suction Plates for Babies and Toddlers - Do They Actually Work?

Hey parents and caregivers! When it comes to feeding your little ones, suction plates have become a popular choice. But do suction plates actually work?  We can look at this question from both functional and psychological perspectives. Let’s start with the functional one.

When we started solids with our baby, one important question was "what is the best suction plate?". Digging through many suction plate reviews, the recurring theme has been suction plate won’t stick and my baby can take it off after just a few minutes or even seconds. And this made us question “are suction plates worth it?”. Trying many suction cup and mat combo options left us still looking for a suction plate that actually works.

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In a sudden turn of events, we found ourselves using regular porcelain bowls and plates with our baby during an unexpectedly long moving process. While it was a little nerve-wracking at times, one thing was sure - the heaviness of these plates helped prevent accidental slips and knock overs. Looking from the psychological perspective, our baby was able to focus more on the food instead of getting frustrated trying to fight the suction. As our child grew into toddlerhood, we realized how important it is for the kids to be able to move or tilt their plates and bowls as they strive for independence.

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Through these observations, we perfected the developmentally appropriate Aplainr silicone bowl and plate to help families bond over mealtimes as the dinner table is one of the most important places to create connections in the family. Made out of 100% premium silicone with a thick and wide base, our dishes are soft yet sturdy. The heavy base is designed to provide excellent topple resistance and encourages babies to keep the bowl in place without restrictions. Plus, the special curved inner walls make it easy for little ones to scoop and scrape their food. And because there are no saggy mats or suction cups attached, you can feed your baby when they need your support.

So if you're tired of suction plates that don't work, give our dishes a try. You won't be disappointed!

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