Because peaceful mealtimes are possible and your family deserves it

Our goal is to help parents prevent chaos at the dinner table and bond with their children over mealtimes. Our thoughtfully designed tableware allows parents to create strong emotional relationships with their children by respecting and guiding them instead of restricting and forcing them while they are mastering their self-feeding skills.

About us

Aplainr (pronounced “A-Plainer”) was born when we decided to turn full-time parents for our son and leave our Silicon Valley jobs as scientists. As we were obsessed with finding and developing the best solutions in our jobs, we naturally started doing the same for the challenges we face as parents in our son’s development.

As any other new parents, we read, watched, and developed many tips and tricks to provide the best guidance for our child while he is mastering the skills he needs throughout his life. Yet, everyday chaos made us forget to practice many of them unless they become habits for us. That is when we decided to build products that help both parents and children turn these beneficial behaviors into habits effortlessly.

Our thoughtfully designed products guide the children in the right direction while practicing their newly learned skills in order to minimize frustration as much as possible. Instead of restricting and forcing our little ones to teach new skills, our products help parents respect their children’s unique learning process and guide them in the right direction.

At early ages, peace does not come naturally, and chaos can very easily take over the day. Our products help parents enjoy peaceful times with their children and create strong emotional relationships. Our focus is on mealtimes (for now!) and we are dedicated to providing the best products to turn chaos into peace through respectful guidance.