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Grip Cup | Set of 2

Grip Cup | Set of 2

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Learning to drink from an open cup is a key developmental milestone for babies as it promotes healthy oral and speech development. Aplainr Grip Cup helps your baby transition from bottle to cup safe and frustration-free. The Grip Cup is designed to provide excellent non-slip grip for your baby’s little hands, topple resistance to avoid accidental knock-overs, even liquid flow for safe and comfortable drinking. Made out of 100% premium food grade soft silicone, the Grip Cup helps your little one master self-feeding skills safely while you can enjoy a complete peace of mind at your dinner table.


100% premium food grade silicone. Tested by a third-party independent laboratory; BPA free, BPS free, PVC free, lead free, phthalate free and cadmium free.


Diameter: 2.3 in | Height: 3.2 in | Capacity: 3 fl oz

Care Instructions

Clean with warm soapy water or in the dishwasher. Sterilizing is safe. Please wash before use.

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hourglass profile of the Aplainr silicone training cups provide non slip grip.

Independence in drinking

Aplainr Grip Cup is designed to promote self-feeding without frustration. Hourglass profile provides a non-slip grip even when your baby’s little hands are greasy.

thick and wide base of the Aplainr silicone open cup provides topple resistance.

Peaceful mealtimes

Thick and wide base provides topple resistance and reduces the chances of accidental knock overs.

special design interior profile of the Aplainr silicone training cup allows even flow for safe drinking at a comfortable head position..

Safe and comfortable learning

Special design interior profile provides an even flow for safe drinking. The liquid flow starts at a safe and comfortable head position, no matter how much liquid is inside the cup.

  • Aplainr cup has a perfect size for babies and toddlers.

    3 fl oz capacity in perfect form for little hands.

  • Aplainr silicone training cup is dishwasher safe and microwave safe.

    Dishwasher safe and microwave safe.

Your peaceful mealtimes

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Customer Reviews

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Jerry T.
Great for teaching babies to drink from open cups

This is a great cup to promote independence in babies. Our 10 month old can easily hold the cup with two hands while practicing to learn a new skill of drinking from an open cup. You can fill it with up to 3 ounces of liquid but you will probably want to keep to 2oz or less so that too much isn't spilled while baby is practicing. The base is heavier and has more/thicker amount of silicone than the top rim to prevent toppling over. The top of the cup is thinner and flexible which makes it gentle on the baby's mouth/teeth. Reference the last image which diagrams the built of the cup with the heavy/thick base and thinner top rim.

Buy this over alternatives

We have a few baby learning cups and this is by far my favorite. The size is absolutely perfect for infant and toddler hands. The hourglass shape makes it very easy for both to hold and not drop especially being weighted. Portions are small for my toddler BUT we're trying to reduce his milk intake and have him favor water so this allows us to offer a small amount of milk and then when it's gone, he switches to water. This is a good learning cup for an infant because again it's easy to hold but it also holds up to being thrown or dropped and portions are small so it's easy to just put a little of water in for exposure and learning purposes.

E. T.
Toddlers love these!

Actually, we all love these little cups. The smaller size and hourglass shape is brilliant - perfect for little hands to hold. Because of the smart size and shape - and silicone being less slippery when wet, especially compared to glass or plastic - there is less worry of accidental spills.
Also love the neutral colors and so happy these came in a two pack for our twins.
These are the only cups that our younger toddlers seemed really happy and confident using, and with far fewer messes for us to clean up, it’s a win-win!!

Just as described

Perfect size for tiny hands

Christina L
Best toddler cups! Especially for grimy hands.

My daughter is 18 months and LOVES to eat with her hands, which makes most kids cups slip away and onto my floor. These are the perfect size—not too small like the 1 oz ones, and so grippable. Quality additions.