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Silicone Mealtime Gift Set

Silicone Mealtime Gift Set

Plate, Bowl and Cup Set for Little Ones

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Aplainr Mealtime Set helps your baby develop necessary motor skills to become a confident independent eater. Aplainr baby led weaning essentials are equipped with a set of unique features to help you and your little one on this journey. Made out of 100% premium food grade soft silicone, Aplainr Feeding Set helps your baby master self-feeding skills safely while you can enjoy a complete peace of mind at your dinner table.

Includes: 1 Aplainr Plate, 1 Aplainr Bowl and 1 Aplainr Cup


100% premium food grade silicone. Tested by a third-party independent laboratory; BPA free, BPS free, PVC free, lead free, phthalate free and cadmium free.


Plate - Diameter: 6.7 in | Height: 1.5 in | Capacity: 14 fl oz

Bowl - Diameter: 4.5 in | Height: 2 in | Capacity: 9 fl oz

Cup - Diameter: 2.3 in | Height: 3.2 in | Capacity: 3 fl oz

Care Instructions

Clean with warm soapy water or in the dishwasher. Sterilizing is safe. Please wash before use.

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heavy base of the Aplainr silicone baby led weaning set provides topple resistance.

Peaceful mealtimes

Heavy base provides topple resistance and reduces the chances of accidental knock overs. It guides your little one to keep the dish in place without restricting them.

curved inner walls of the Aplainr silicone plate and bowl make the scooping easy.

Independence in eating

Aplainr Plate and Bowl's special design curved inner walls make the scooping easy by guiding food onto the spoon.

hourglass profile of the Aplainr silicone training cups provide non slip grip.

Independence in drinking

Aplainr Cup's hourglass profile provides a non-slip grip even when your baby’s little hands are greasy.

Aplainr silicone plate and bowl feature no divisions to prevent developing picky eating habits.

Healthy appetite

Aplainr Plate and Bowl feature no divisions to prevent developing picky eating habits and establish a healthy appetite.

sturdy design of the Aplainr baby led weaning essentials allows holding comfortably while feeding.

Comfortable feeding

With no saggy mats or suction cups, Aplainr Plate and Bowl can be comfortably held to feed your baby when they need your support.

special design interior profile of the Aplainr silicone training cup allows even flow for safe drinking at a comfortable head position..

Safe learning

Aplainr Cup's special design interior profile provides an even flow for safe drinking at a comfortable head position.

  • Aplainr blw set has perfect size for babies and toddlers.

    Perfect size and form for little hands.

  • Aplainr baby led weaning essentials are dishwasher safe and microwave safe.

    Dishwasher safe and microwave safe.

Your peaceful mealtimes

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Customer Reviews

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Happy Lady
It works!

I wasn’t sure if this would be heavy enough to prevent my little guy from throwing it to the ground, but so far it’s done the trick. The high edges allow him to grip slippery things that would typically slide to the edge of the tray and out of reach, which is nice. It washes up really well - just throw it in the dishwasher and you’re good to go.

J. C.

LOVE these! I have gotten literally countless amounts of compliments on this set! I take it everywhere. Even though it’s not suctioned to anything, the bottom is somewhat weighted and my toddler doesn’t even try to lift it. He uses the cup better than any other training cup he has ever used! He has used 3-4 different types of utensils and dish ware for toddlers but this is hands down the best! Super easy to dish wash too! The cup in indented perfectly to match the shape of our little guy’s hands. I am absolutely going to order another set or two! Hopefully this was helpful!


These are the best dinnerware I’ve ever had for my kids. Usually silicone dinnerware is so thin that it’s just flimsy but these are thick and strong. They’re also just super cute and easy to use. I got these for my 8 month old so she’s not able to use the cup yet, but my 3 year old loves the cup!

Leah M.
Weight makes a difference!

I really like this feeding set! The weighted design emulates the feeling of adult dinnerware perfectly. I actually found myself frustrated with my baby’s old dinnerware set because of how lightweight it was. We’ve had less frustration at meal time with the cup especially, the weight makes it easier for my baby to more purposefully pick it up to drink. The plate and bowl stays put too. I definitely recommend this if you want to promote more independence at meal time.

Ashley p.
toddler approved!

It’s a very well made and sturdy toddler feeding set. Plate and bowl have a decent weight to them. They don't move around when my toddler is trying to spoon his food. Cup has a very unique hourglass shape design which makes it very easy to hold for little slippery hands. Also love the green color!